Oncom survey company is performing survey services on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belorussia, Baltic countries. The scope of inspection services includes:

  • Continuous cargo quantity and quality control while loading/transshipment/discharging;
  • The cargo quantity determination on river/sea vessels by Draft Survey method;
  • The cargo quantity determination on railway transport by weighing empty and loaded railcars;
  • The product quality control while storage, transportation, loading and discharge;
  • Tally inspection;
  • Sampling as per the working standards;
  • The full revision of inventory holdings kept in the warehouses to check the factual cargo availability;
  • Confirmation of the product’s presence and its condition against the bank guarantees;
  • Logistics, freight and maritime law consultations;
  • Preloading inspection;
  • Confirmation of cargo compliance with its in-line documentations confirmation;
  • Confirmation of cargo packing and marking condition;
  • Scales equipment checking;
  • Transport readiness for cargo loading and transshipment;
  • Reports, certificates issuing;
  • Any product’s chemical and physical analysis in accredited and assigned laboratories.

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